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Bibles, Burgers, Blankets, Backpacks.

Posted: March 16, 2017

Radiate Youth: March 16-17.

The Lord calls us to share what we have with a cheerful heart and to share not out of compulsion, but rather that He would gift us with a thankful heart through our generosity (2 Cor. 6-12).  There are many ways that we can give and for the youth of our church, we will give our time, our energy, and small gifts to those who have less than we do. March 16-17 we will go on a mission to the East side of Hamilton giving out backpacks that we have filled with a blanket, a bible, and some hamburgers. 

Our Goal:

To try and be as generous as Jesus by giving people what they need, and not what they deserve.


Donations are more than welcome, particularly backpacks or blankets that are in reasonable condition.

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