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Pray For One Another

Speaker: Ray David Glenn | October 29, 2017

Watch as Ray David unpacks James 5:13-18, and encourages us to be a people that prays for one another.

Everyone Will Be Healed

If we believe God’s word, than a church that prays for the sick should be the norm. The promise of the Christian faith is that absolutely everyone who belongs to Christ will be healed, in this life or the next. Some of us see the healing in our temporal lives, but every single person that belongs to Jesus will be raised up on the last day – perfectly whole, with every tear wiped away. Every person will be healed. Sometimes God chooses to demonstrate His glory in miraculously healing people in a moment, but the glory of God will be seen ultimately and fully on the last day when Jesus returns to reclaim those who are His own. The dead in Christ will rise first with a new spiritual body. 

Never Without Resource

Praying for healing isn’t reserved for the holy few, it is for everyone. The Christian person is never without resource. When we come to the end of what we can do, we can take it to the Lord in prayer humbly trusting in His goodness. 

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