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Death is Behind You

New years resolutions won't fix you, but this Gospel truth will.
Speaker: Len Finn | December 31, 2017 | Series: Good News of Great Joy

Listen as Len Finn opens Luke 2:22-35 and shows us how the Gospel is good news of great joy.

No Longer a Fearful Thing

When you have encountered the salvation of God that is Jesus Christ, death is no longer a fearful thing. The Christian has no reason to fear death. Because of Christ we know that we will depart this life in peace with God. When we stand before the judgment seat of God, we will know that the prosecutor and judge of our case will be someone who loves us – someone who is our advocate. The debt for our sins has been paid for. Case closed. 

The Christian is simply a person who knows that they will depart this life in peace, not because they have a crystal ball to look into the future, but because they have seen God’s salvation for them in the person of Jesus.

Death is Behind You

Because of Jesus, the final word on your life by the Almighty God, Creator of the Universe has been spoken and it is – “Yes, well done, good and faithful servant.” Your judgment and condemnation does not lie ahead of you, but it took place, once and for all, 2000 years ago. Because of the love of God for you seen in Jesus Christ, death itself is behind you. It was defeated once and for all on the cross. You live with your death behind you – in the rear window. Ahead of you is only life. 

Empowered to Truly Live

Seeing your salvation in Christ empowers you to truly live. When you are caught up in fear, death, shame, and judgment, it is really hard to live abundantly, as we are meant to. Our fear hamstrings us. It is only when we know that all of those things that we fear are behind us, that the chains fall off and we focus on living freely, confidently and abundantly. 

Not Slaves, But Heirs

In Christ you have been set free from your bondage. There is no more fear, and shame. You are not a slave, on the contrary, in Christ, you are a Son or Daughter of the Father. That is your true life forever. You don’t honour and serve your father like a slave under expectation and the fear of punishment – you honour and serve your Father like a child and heir, in the knowledge of his unconditional love and forgiveness, in the truth of His joyous fatherly delight in you.

All of the new years resolutions in the world won’t fix you, but knowing this Gospel truth will change everything.

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About the Author

Len Finn
Len serves as a pastoral assistant at St. George’s. He and his wife Stephanie and 2 children live in Alton Village.

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  • About the Author

    Len Finn
    Len serves as a pastoral assistant at St. George’s. He and his wife Stephanie and 2 children live in Alton Village.
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