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Our Relationship to God’s Law

Speaker: Ray David Glenn | January 28, 2018 | Series: Grace Abounding

What is your relationship to the law of God? It is supposed to strip you of your self-righteousness, show you that you can never attain godliness on your own, and then lead you to a new and changed life – found in the grace of God. 

We have been given a new self in Christ. Our sin is no longer a part of who we are – it is external, so there is the possibility for real change in our lives. We can now have the courage to fight sin and grow in godliness. Because of Christ, our new true selves are defined by godliness and doing what’s right. The sin in our lives no longer controls and defines us. 

God loves us just the way that we are, but He loves us so much that He refuses to leave us there. Real change in our lives doesn’t come from ourselves; it comes from Christ. He has delivered us on the cross, He delivers us today, and He will completely deliver us from these bodies of death on the last day. 

Watch as Ray David opens Romans 7:7-25 and shows us the abounding grace of the Gospel. 

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