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Why So Downcast, Soul?

When days are tough and we feel low what do we do?
by Scott Hunt Discuss

Coffee and the Gospel

A lesson in Gospel fluency from a local coffee roastery.
by Garth Hunt Discuss

The Promise in the World

Being a child of the promise doesn't involve abandoning the world.
by Len Finn Discuss

13 Quotes About Prayer

Why prayer is essential to the Christian life and awesome
by Scott Hunt Discuss

Is There More to Life Than This?

Jumping with both feet into the arms of God.
by Paulo Goldstein Discuss

Don’t Waste Your Failures

When God is all you have, God's grace is all you need.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

Why Did Jesus Endure?

Finding joy at the center of the most brutal of days.
by Scott Hunt 1 Response

Who is this Jesus?

We don't always get the saviour that we want, but we get the Saviour that we need.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

Sharing with Facebook Friend Lists

How you can be a really big help on Facebook
by Scott Hunt Discuss

The Joy of the Gospel

Returning to the joy of our salvation.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss
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