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Written on our Hearts

The 3 uses of God's law in the life of the believer.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

Martin Luther’s Picture of the Gospel

We are joined together with Christ, as a wife is to a husband.
by Bryan Hunt Discuss

Deserving Death

Jesus died the death that was yours.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

Righteousness Revealed

The good news of the Gospel can only be as sweet as the bad news was devastatingly inescapable.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

My Friend, David Mainse

Ray David's reflections on his friendship with David Mainse.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

The Power of God

Our salvation is not some future hope or promise, it is meant to take hold of us now.
by Len Finn Discuss

No More Shame

Because of Christ, your greatest shame has become untrue.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

The Gospel is How You Grow

Christian growth comes through remaining saturated in the Gospel.
by Bryan Hunt 1 Response

New Beginnings

When your plans fail, remember God has a bigger plan in mind.
by Ray David Glenn Discuss

Bring Your Worst

Psalm 137 is a brutal, but real and honest song before God.
by Len Finn Discuss
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