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There are a number of world renown artists that contribute to the St. George’s Centre. These artists work in many different artistic mediums to reveal the gospel through art.

Zak Benjamin

Zak Benjamin is a major artist in South Africa and a committed Christian. Upon his conversion, he became friends with sculptor Gert Swart, another friend of Paideia. They have worked on several projects together and seek to understand the place of making contemporary art in the Christian life. Together, Benjamin and Swart produced several of the paintings for the covers of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Series. Benjamin is married to Erna Buber-deVilliers and together they have two daughters and three grandchildren. Benjamin’s website can be found at


Erna Buber-de Villiers

Some years ago Gideon Strauss (CPJ, Washington DC), Elaine Botha and Craig Bartholomew were instrumental in developing the Christian Worldview Network (CWN) in South Africa. Many of the relationships formed then remain in tact and there is considerable interest in Paideia in South Africa. For years the CWN published a magazine intitially entitled “Many-to-Many” and later changed to “The Big Picture.” Erna Buber de Villiers has maintained a site with much of this material on it and we are glad to link her site to ours as a sign of renewd connections and relationships.


Robert Scott

Rob Scott’s’s protracted learning curve has included being an agriculturist, a stint as a cowboy in Texas, becoming a Tool and Die Maker, a self-taught Cabinetmaker, the refurbishing a WW11 Catalina Flying Boat into a luxury passenger carrier. He is currently working as a Senior Restorer for KZN’s Provincial Museum Services, South Africa. Rob can be contacted at the following e-mail address:


Gert Swart

Gert Swart is an outstanding South African sculptor who has a long friendship with Craig Bartholomew. For more on Gert’s work see

In 1997 sculptor Gert Swart held a major exhibition of his work, Contemplation, at the Tatham Gallery in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We are delighted that the Tatham Gallery has given us permission to put the catalogue on our website. The catalogue includes images of many of Gert’s works and an essay on his work by Craig Bartholomew.  The catalogue can be viewed here.


Timothy van Vuuren

Timothy is a self-taught painter of landscapes and still life. He also works in clay, making one-off decorative pieces.  His paintings and ceramics are in many private collections in  South Africa and abroad.
His work has been exhibited in many group exhibitions, including Ceramics SA KZN, winning five merit awards and the premier award in 2004. He has also taken part in six National Ceramics Exhibitions.
 Timothy lives with his wife Maureen in Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. To learn more about Timothy and his artwork visit his website.


Mary Abma

Mary Abma is a friend of the St. George’s Centre. She is an artist who lives in Bright’s Grove, Ontario.  Her artworks, which consist primarily of idea-based works executed in a variety of artistic forms, explore themes that allow her to incorporate her interest in history, her concern for the environment, her passion for science, and her desire to find visual expression for her thoughts about the human condition. “I visit themes that relate to universal experiences that are present in our own life narratives. These layered works examine connections, or bridges that are integral to our stories.  I am especially interested in exploring the bridges that bring us into a connection with our past, and those that define our relationship with and our place in the natural world.” For more information about Mary and her work, check out her website.