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Scripture and Church Seminar.

The Scripture and Church Seminar deals with practical theology in relation to Scripture. This is a very exciting new development – so many rich and important topics need addressing.

2017. The Scripture and Church Seminar is excited to announce that our theme for our 2017 meeting in Boston is The Kingdom of God and Everyday Liturgies. Discussions about the relationship between the Kingdom of God and the church – either as a civic institution or popular movement – often fail to address the holistic and comprehensive role of liturgy, or ritual. Theologians such as James K. A. Smith (Calvin College, Michigan) have helped to draw needed attention to the formative role of Christian praxis in every sphere of life. But further questions remain regarding how Scripture and the church might further whole-life Christian discipleship today. Some of the many questions we hope to address are: How might Scripture proclaimed on Sunday shape Christian formation and behaviour Monday through Saturday? What are some “best practices” for celebrating the grace of God in all of life, not only through official sacraments of the church? How might Christians today reclaim the lost art of dialogue as a pathway towards Christian maturity and witness? Papers addressing practical theology methods, Old and New Testament, and specific practices will be given by a range of key scholars and practitioners. We invite all those interested to register and participate as we begin our second year at SBL/AAR/IBR this Fall!

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2016. The Scripture and Church Seminar had a fantastic inaugural session in San Antonio. With approximately 70 in attendance, Dr. Bill DeJong (McMaster Divinity College) presented on “Which Way Now? Pearls and Perils Along the Uncertain Path of Practical Theology.” Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College) presented on “Broad Brushstrokes for a Potential ‘Scripture and Church’ Agenda.” and Dr. Michael Wagenman (Western University and Redeemer University College) presented on “Pondering Practical Theology: Proclamation and the Problem of Propaganda.” Our session moderator was Dr. Dru Johnson (The King’s College, New York City) and our liturgist was Dr. William Olhausen. We are grateful to IBR and our sponsors for their support and to each presenter for sparking such stimulating discussion. There was a high level of interest among the attendees for this seminar to continue meeting and exploring key areas of practical theology. Over the next few months our committee will be meeting to plan for Boston in 2017 and also to continue discussions around publishing in the Scripture and … Series (Eisenbrauns).


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