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Scripture and Church Seminar 2017 – Planning Meeting

The Scripture and Church Seminar will be a new session at IBR. We are starting to plan this new Seminar, which will explore the interface between Scripture and Church, covering the terrain that is normally referred to as Practical Theology. This year we will host a two hour discussion on Sunday November 20 from 4.00-6.30pm, examining the possibilities this presents. The first such seminar will then take place in 2017.

To Register for the 2016 planning meeting, click here

Committee: Craig Bartholomew (Redeemer University College; moderator); Dru Johnson (Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, The King’s College, NYC); Michael Wagenman (Western University, ON); Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College); Rev. Robert K. (Robby) Holt, Jr. Sr. Pastor, North Shore Fellowship, PCA; Eric Johnson (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary); Rev. Bill DeJong (McMaster Divinity College [PhDc]).

Seating will be limited for this discussion group so please register early and come prepared to share your ideas. You must be registerd for the SBL conference in order to attend this discussion.

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