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The St. George’s Centre is committed to relating the good news of Christ to all areas of life. Here we have compiled some resources from a leading christian artist that reveals the connection between the gospel and art.



Dr. Calvin Seerveld
Fellow in Philosophical Aesthetics
Dr. Calvin Seerveld is an internationally known authority in the arts and his books A Christian Critique of Art and Literature, Rainbows for the Fallen World, and Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves, among others, have inspired many in their endeavors to follow Christ faithfully in the world of the arts. Craig Bartholomew has edited a collection of Seerveld’s works under the title In the Fields of the Lord. For details of Cal’s current publications see Plans are underway for a multi-volume publication of Seerveld’s works.
Image of Cal Seerveld is a Peter S. Smith woodcut, 2006

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Imaginative Grit and Everlasting Art in God’s World
By Dr. Calvin Seerveld


Manifesto for the Christian Artist
By Craig Bartholomew, ed.,
During the apartheid era in South Africa, this Manifesto was produced under the editorship of Craig Bartholomew. Plans are underway for a Festival of the Arts in September, 2017 at St. George’s and we hope to set in motion a process to revise the Manifesto for today.
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Manifesto for the Christian Arts in South Africa- summary Manifesto for the Christian Arts in South Africa- summary

Manifesto for the Christian Arts in South Africa- summary




A Christian Critique

A Christian Critique of Art and Literature
By Dr. Calvin Seerveld
The value of these lectures lies in their call to a joyful task still unfinished. The kind of Christian culture involvement that Seerveld provokes and inspires remains an ongoing mandate: to entrust even our aesthetic lives to Christ. Seerveld’s capricious and creative intellect expresses itself with an exuberant flair. His insights in the Christian Critiques are unapologetically Christian. He approaches art and literature from his experience in philosophy. One advantage of this perspective is that Seerveld avoids the pernicious idolizing of the arts endemic in much modern western culture, while he still asserts the inalienable value of artistic and literary behaviour.



Rainbows for the Fallen World
By Dr. Calvin Seerveld
Germinal essays showing how imaginativity can invigorate daily life, including schooling, and why “allusivity” is key to artistry. The biblical charter for Christians making art is spelled out, and suggestions are given for working communally at a redemptive culture amid our brilliant, needy artworld.