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The St. George’s Centre is committed to relating the good news of Christ to all areas of life. Here we have compiled some resources that reveal the connection between the gospel and politics.



James W. Skillen
Fellow in Politics
James W. Skillen received his B.A. at Wheaton College (1966), B.D. at Westminster Theological Seminary (1969), and Ph.D. at Duke University (1974). After teaching political science and philosophy at three Christian colleges, he became the director and then president of the Center for Public Justice in Washington, D.C. from 1981 until his retirement in 2009. He continues to write, speak, and mentor young people. His latest book is The Good of Politics: A Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Introduction (Baker Academic, 2014). He and his wife Doreen have two children and four grandchildren.



The Church’s Role in Politics
By Dr Jim Harris
So, what is the role of the church in politics? I think, firstly, the church needs to recognize that it does have a role. I make this point because many Christians struggle with the church’s involvement in socio-political-economic issues. Yet Scripture and history clearly support the church’s place in these concerns. Daniel becomes a leader in Babylon, Amos and other prophets speak into political and social matters in Israel, Judah and the surrounding nations. Both John the Baptist and Jesus refer to the political concerns of their day. In both the Old and New Testament God’s representatives spoke out against abuse of political power and sought just use of power. This surely, is what being “salt and light” means. Hence participation in politics does not detract from spirituality; in fact a spirituality that is unrelated to politics is questionable.
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Christian Politics in the 21st Century
By James W. Skillen
One thing we know for sure about politics in the next century is that Jesus Christ will still be Lord over all authorities on earth. This is the confession that Christians have made from the beginning. Whether living under democratic or authoritarian governments, whether persecuted or free, Christians have trusted that Christ rules the world both for judgement and for blessing. God’s kingdom embraces the whole world, the entire creation. We also believe that because of God’s patience the climax of Christ’s kingdom lies in the future and will come by God’s decision, not ours. Christian politics in the 21st century must grow from this faith. It will build on this confession: that Christ is Lord over all, and that the full and final revelation of his government is still to come.
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A Good Christian Boy – in Politics?
By Mark Manley
The challenge is to be authentic. In a world influ-enced by actors’ characters, spin doctors, and advertising, politics is not about election promises, but rather about creating a future of substance, justice and righteousness – by being substantial, just and righteous today.
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The Good of Politics: A Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary Introduction
By James W. Skillen
“Skillen has made an important contribution to the growing body of serious evangelical political thought. This book is a masterful articulation of a profoundly Christian political philosophy–one developed in a sophisticated conversation with a broad range of the most important shapers of Western culture.”
Ronald J. Sider, Palmer Seminary, Eastern University



A Royal Priesthood?: The Use Of The Bible Ethically And Politically
By Craig Bartholomew , Jonathan Chaplin , Robert Song , Al Wolters , Colin Greene , Karl Möller
Since September 11, 2001, we are intensely aware of the need for political wisdom. Can Scripture help us in this respect? Yes, but not simplistically. In an exhilarating dialogue with Oliver O’Donovan, a team of international scholars look in detail in this book at biblical interpretation as we make the journey from what God said to Abraham, as it were, to how to respond to the political challenges of today. Such exploration is essential if the church is to become “a royal priesthood” today. Craig Bartholomew Contributors include: Oliver O’Donovan (respondent to 14 chapters) Gilbert Meilaender Christopher Rowland Bernd Wannenwetsch N. T. Wright A Royal Priesthood? is the third volume from the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar. This annual gathering of Christian scholars from various disciplines was established in 1998 and aims to reassess the discipline of biblical studies from the foundations up and forge creative new ways for reopening the Bible in our cultures. Any attempt to open the Book in new and fresh ways for our cultures at the start of the third millennium must explore how to read the Bible ethically and politically. This volume looks at the obstacles to such a process and in dialogue with Oliver O’Donovan’s creative work in this regard, looks in detail at how to read different parts of the Bible for ethics and politics.