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“Christ is the clue to all creation”
– Lesslie Newbigin

St. George’s Centre (SGC) is an academic Christian centre committed to relating the good news of Christ to all areas of life. Christ is the “author of life” and thus holds the key to life “under the sun.” But this clue needs to be pursued with all the rigor we can muster and that includes the highest levels of academia and the most practical aspects of daily life. Rooted in spirituality and liturgy, and in the context of intellectual community, the focus of the Centre is academic work from an overtly Christian perspective in the service of the church.




  • A deep Christian spirituality that fuels the work. SGC is part of St. George’s Anglican Church, Burlington, and rejoices in being part of a vital, living Christian community. It is only as we live ever deeper into Christ that we will be formed to do his work.
  • A deep connection between the academy and the Church. We do not for a moment see hard academic work as antithetical to the work of the church. Historically the church has produced some of the leading academics in the world. We believe that Christian scholarship is part of the church’s mission and that, at best, the work of the institutional church and scholarship are entirely compatible. We have a vested interest in learning from the church, in promoting scholarship that serves the church, and in accessible spin-offs from our academic work, as is evident in our more popular publications.
  • A deep investment in Christian intellectual community. The tasks are too great for any one individual to accomplish alone: the academy is too broken. A powerful and exciting aspect of SGC is a growing community whose network connects Christians in diverse spheres of life. This is evident in our socials, seminars and emphasis on relationships.
  • A deep investment in, and partnership with, emerging Christian Leaders. We work with an emerging generation of leaders to help form and equip them for a lifetime of service.
  • A Deep Connection Between Church and World. Biblical Christianity should contribute to the flourishing of the world, and SGC aims to be good for Burlington, for Canada, and through our international network, many other places.