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Free to Build  

2 Churches. 1 Heart.

Watch as Ray David, Kelvin, and Carny walk us through our new 2-part church initiative.

We firmly believe that the generosity of God seen in the Gospel makes us generous. It makes us generous with our neighbours, generous with our friends, generous with our family. And scripture teaches us that we, as Christians, have been adopted into a brand new family – the family and household of God. This family starts where we are – in Burlington, Ontario, and stretches and all across the globe.

We want to grow in what it means to be the family of God, by being generous with one another and with our brothers and sisters far off. Our desire is that God will use our generosity to bring freedom – freedom to build ministries, programs and relationships that will saturate this world with the good news of Jesus.


Burlington, Ontario
St. George’s Anglican Church

3 years ago, God called us to build our new church home. He has faithfully provided for us every step of the way, and has given us the opportunity to make a real difference in our new community, but we still have a major mortgage that limits our ability to grow in ministry. 

In 2018, we want to make an effort as a church-family to pay off this mortgage on our building. Servicing the interest on our $1.7 million mortgage costs over $50,000 per year.  Every dollar we pay down on the principle of the loan will set money free to be used to deepen our church family relationships and ministries.


Gulu, Uganda
St. Peter’s Anglican Church

In a small town in Gulu, Uganda, a congregation of fellow Christians have been constructing a new church building, brick-by-brick, for the last 10 years. At great cost to themselves, they have finished the majority of the project, but they are still worshiping on a dusty cow-dung floor.  This year, we are partnering with this church – St. Peter’s, to help finish their building. For $8,000 we can give them the means to finish their floor with cement. Gulu is thousands of miles away, but they are our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and we believe that the riches of God’s grace makes us generous. 

The gospel calls us to consider others and not just ourselves, remembering the needs of others is the only remedy to selfishness and greed.  Just as God is calling us to be free to build programs and ministries here at home, He is calling us to be free to build a partnership with our family at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Gulu, Uganda.  These brothers and sisters in Northern Uganda have been building their church building one brick at a time over the past decade.  We are asking you, our St. G’s family, to give $8,000 by June to care for this need.

Something just feels right about this.  Our church, while still paying for our church building, considering the needs of another church on the other side of the world and helping to finish their church building. 

God willing, this will be the beginning of a real, deep gospel partnership that includes regular video updates with sincere prayer for one-another and possibly even short-term mission trips.


Would you generously and prayerfully give to your church-family, so that we and St. Peter’s are set free to build?


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