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New Ways to Give

Churches are not businesses. We are not after your money or even providing you with a service or product. We are instead a community of people, bound together by Christ, whose unified purpose is to glorify God and to bring Christ’s hope to the hopeless. God is the great provider, but he often uses you and me as his vessels of provision. Christians believe that giving generously, both financially and otherwise, is an act of worship, because it acknowledges that everything we have is a gift from God. When we give financially to the church, the gift supports the church body in a myriad of ways. It supports our community outreach initiatives, both local and global. It supports our pastors, and staff members, who provide leadership to our church. It maintains our church building, the place that we gather as a community to worship. It is used in so many ways to help those in desperate need and to further the gospel. In light of all of this, we have developed new ways of giving. We realize that in this day and age few people use cheques or even carry cash. Instead the majority use debit cards or do online banking. So, as a way of simplifying the giving process we have added two new ways of giving.

Debit Gifts

There is now a simple debit machine in the church office, which can be used for financial gifts. All you need is your bank debit card to use it. The gifts will be fully confidential and as with all donations, you will receive a tax receipt at the year’s end. See Gillian Fernie, our church administrator, in the church office to make a donation through the debit machine.

Online Banking

St. George’s can now be added as a payee through online banking. You can choose to make a single gift, or recurring tithe gifts. Simply add St. George’s Anglican Church, Burlington as a payee on your online banking website, and you’re all set up. You need to have a tithing envelope number with St. George’s to use this method. Contact to get your tithing envelope number.

Canada Helps

St. George’s has also partnered with to give you the ability to make safe and secure donations online. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need a tithing envelope number from St. George’s. The downside is that Canada Helps takes a small percentage of the donation (3.5%). If you are a member of St. George’s, than we would suggest donating through the online banking option. But if you are not a member of St. George’s, than Canada Helps is a good alternative.
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