“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”
Matthew 28:18-20

Below is a brief synopsis with a link to the website of each of our mission partners.  Please pray for them as they make disciples of all nations.


The Shifra Home

The Shifra Home in Burlington is a Christ centered maternity residence for young pregnant women and teens. They provide accommodation, pregnancy counseling and other support during pregnancy and for a period after childbirth, and are open to all.

Visit the Shifra Home Website


Chris Kovacs

Chris Kovacs, called to ministry with the Navigators on the McMaster Campus in Hamilton. Chris has organized debates on “Evolution versus Creation, is the Chaplain for the varsity football team, and has seven mission teams of students who are sent out every month to serve at a Hamilton based ministry.

Visit the Navigators Website
Visit the Essence Bookstore Website



Anglican Renewal and Development Fund of Canada (ARDFC) has a different focus each year. In 2011 we partnered with other ANiC and ACNA churches to raise $50,000 to provide health education and mosquito netting for every home in the Diocese of Masena, Kenya.

Visit the ARDFC Website


Threshold Ministries

Threshold Ministries was formerly The Church Army and a part of the Anglican Church of Canada but in the last few years it has become a non-denominational mission organization based in Saint John, NB, whose mandate is “raising up evangelists for the twenty first century”.

The students, from all ages and backgrounds, are trained at Taylor College in Saint John and our own Catherine Bonham has recently graduated from there.

The mission partners work in prisons, on the streets, in children’s ministry, assisting in churches without pastors and in homes for those recovering from addictions.

In addition to these ministries Threshold has practical outreach including a laundry ministry in Saint John, N.B. where one may wash a green garbage bag full of dirty clothes for a loonie and Street Hope Ministry in Victoria, Moncton and Peterborough where youth are offered counseling, and given a bag of toiletries.

Visit the Threshold Ministries Website


Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship: Norm and Audrey Henderson are working at the Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango Hospital in Lubango, Angola. Audrey works with the other nurses caring for patients, doing rehabilitation and generally improving procedures. Norm is the IT and administration expert, organizing supplies and people, and acting as banker, problem solver, translator and driver for visiting missionaries. Norm and Audrey recently successfully ran the first ever Alpha course in Lubango, with thirty participants, and will help run another one soon in a neighbouring town preparatory to church planting.

Visit the Mission Aviation Fellowship Website


Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization: Ramon and Thamara Herrera are part of the OM team in northern Italy, near Turin, working as representatives of OM Italy among evangelical churches and organizations. They are also involved with Forterocca, OM, Italy’s retreat centre, developing a manual of operation to detail all the practical, functional aspects to enable the centre to run smoothly. The Herreras have three children: Maria, 14, Jose, 13 and Ezekiel, 7.

Visit the Operation Mobilization Website


Chris and Bev

Chris and Bev are our mission partners working with a charity in a culture hostile to Christianity. In this war torn country in Africa many have never heard the name of Jesus and the authorities want it to stay that way. Daily they live and work on dangerous turf.

For several years Chris and Bev have been in mountain villages, training the people in agriculture and sanitation techniques to improve their overall health and introduce good nutrition. A short rainy season, when the torrents can drain away in a day, is followed by arid drought.  Eight Subsurface Dams have been built in villages to hold water in the sand. Many Check Dams, built of rocks and cement provide a barrier to the run off.

Chris designed and built twenty-five Rooftop Catchment Tanks for clinics and schools, that each hold 77,000 liters of filtered water; one tank provides safe drinking water for a school for a year. He and Bev have done 30 power point presentations to retrain the villagers in the building of terraces, another way to slow the run off – a skill known by the villagers grandparents, but forgotten during years of civil war.

They have built 2 clinics, rebuilt 6 and trained health workers. They have built 330 latrines and encouraged their use – the villagers believe that evil spirits live in latrines. In a country where less than 1% are Christian, Chris and Bev try to win the trust of the people through their love and care, that they may teach them about Jesus.



Brian works in an area where he must keep under the radar of the local authorities and the superstitious pagan religious leaders. Some of you may have talked with Brian when he was among us during summer 2008. He is constantly taking language instruction to be better able to communicate with the people that he longs to lead to faith in Jesus.

Although he experiences much adversity through travel frustrations, theft of his belongings and unexplained deaths of new believers, Brian is humbly thankful for what he can see the Lord doing among the people, for answered prayer concerning his accommodation, and for personal protection. His praise overflows when God-incidences, things that most would call co-incidences, happen along his path: for example, the right people with the right skills showing up unexpectedly in a remote region where there is a crisis.

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