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Sermons Series
The Gospel & Life
Journey with us as we explore the Gospel and how it shapes our lives, and the life of the world.

Joined Together
Join us, as we open the letter to the Ephesians and discover what it means to be joined together in Christ.

The Book of Judges
The Book of Judges shows how the flawless God is at work in the most flawed situations and the most failing people.

Ecclesiastes has been described as an octopus, hard to get a handle on, but somewhere within its elusive, bleak wisdom we find a way to live - in the fear of the Lord.

In the Suffering and the Silence
Lamentations goes into the dark places of human suffering, yet it is also an expression of ultimate, desperate reliance on God, his goodness, mercy and promises.

The Gospel of Mark
To put it crassly, The Gospel of Mark is the gospel for those with ADHD. It succinctly and compellingly moves through the story of Jesus the King.

Solid Hope in a Shaky World
To live in the 21st century is to live in a shaky world. The First Letter of John continues to speak to the church of its sure foundation in the love and promise of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The Renewal of the City
Join us as we unpack who we are at St. George's and who we are called to be as a church in Burlington, ON. We will look at our Foundational Beliefs, our Core Values, and finally our Mission and Vision.

The Sermon on the Mount
Jesus' poignant and shocking teaching, turned upside down the theology of the day. This same teaching and is as shocking and profoundly relevant to us today.

The Five Solae
The Five solae are five Latin phrases that emerged during the Protestant Reformation and summarize the Reformers' basic theological beliefs in contradistinction to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church of the day.

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