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A closer look at beauty defined by God.
by Emily Hunt 1 Response

Am I Beautiful?

Most women ask themselves this question every day. Am I as beautiful as my friends? Does my husband find me attractive? How do I compare to other women?

A few Sundays ago, we had one of those crazy run-around pre-church mornings. Get breakfast ready, put clothes on the kids, eat, get the kids dressed again because breakfast is all over their clothes, clean up the food explosion on the floor, etc… all while getting packed for the cottage. We made it to church on time and I continued my morning as usual, saying “hi” and chatting with ... more

Jesus in your Everyday

7 easy ways Moms can begin to centre their everyday lives on Jesus.
by Emily Hunt 1 Response

For mothers with young children (or any busy mom) it is especially difficult to carve out time to sit down and do a devotional or read your bible every day. So, a group of us young moms started a 5 minute daily devotional book. 5 minutes a day sounds unbelievably easy and yet myself and most of the others don’t find the time each day to do it.

All too often we hear the call of laundry mountain, need to get dinner on the table, and are constantly cleaning up every kind of mess imaginable. By the time our children ... more

Why I Love Morning Sickness

You are never too broken for God to put you back together.
by Emily Hunt 3 Responses

As most of you have heard, Bryan and I are expecting our third child in the early fall of this year. As with both of my previous pregnancies, I am very sick. Not just nausea, but all day vomiting, and along with that comes extreme fatigue and dehydration. I am currently on the maximum dose of Diclectin, a pregnancy-safe medication that combats the nausea and vomiting, and yet I still run to the bathroom at least once a day.

For the last month I have spent the majority of my days in bed watching Netflix on my phone. Sounds like ... more

Who do you want to be?

Your life might be busy, but God is always worth it.
by Emily Hunt 3 Responses

As a new year starts we often look back on the year passed and make goals for the year ahead. Health, weight loss, and finance tend to be among our top priorities. But we as Christians should have a different goal that is above all others. I am challenging you (and most certainly me): to make Jesus your most important goal of 2016 and each year beyond.

Over the course of 2015 I became unsatisfied with where I was in my Christian walk. Going to church every Sunday and being in the nursery wasn’t filling my spiritual cup. Yes, I ... more

Lending a Hand: An Introduction

Welcome to 'Conversation with Moms', a new blog led by Emily Hunt and Jessica Dyment.
by Jessica Dyment 1 Response

We all need a fresh perspective sometimes. We need someone to open a window on our circumstances and lend a hand. Our focus is on lending a hand through the journey of motherhood, particularly to young mothers, in hopes that together we can spiritually grow in our busy lives through interviews with other St. George’s moms, relevant topic discussions, and food planning.... more

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