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Dream Builders #2 – It Requires People to Make the Dream a Reality

by Ray David Glenn

This was the second Walt Disney quote I saw on a poster in Disney World.

There are two main concerns I carry in this building project.  First, I am flooded with horror at the thought of us moving into our new church home and ministry centre only to discover within a year or so that we built too small.  Having said that, I know that we are taking a massive step of faith in the size and cost of the project.  The Lord will provide space and means if He brings too many people too quickly.  Second, I have a ... more

Dream Builders #1 – You Don’t Build It For Yourself

by Ray David Glenn

If we are friends on Facebook then you will already know that Matt and I spent time in Disney World last week.  It was healing and inspiring.

Disney World was always our family vacation, but we had not returned since Rhonda’s died almost 3 years ago. Honestly, I didn’t even realize how important it was for Matt and me to go back to Disney, tie up some emotional loose ends and begin making new memories.  In that way it was healing.

While Disney World is not the vacation I would choose for myself, it remains a trip that I enjoy ... more

Daily Family Advent Readings

by Ray David Glenn


Some have asked me to recommend daily readings for family devotions during Advent.

There are loads of resources available but I highly recommend Good News of Great Joy.  I plan to read these daily devotionals to Matthew at our breakfast table.

Would you do the same?  You can do it.  Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and spend that time preparing your heart to celebrate Christmas.  If breakfast time will not work, then do it at the dinner table.  The important thing is to lead your soul and lead your family in preparation.  If you live on your ... more

A Lamp to My Feet

by Ray David Glenn

I wake up before dawn.  It is especially dark, now that we are nearing the end of October.

Every morning I walk downstairs in the dark to find the coffee-maker.  Without turning on a light, for fear of disturbing my son’s sleep, I make a cup of black coffee.

There is a chair next to the fireplace in my den.  I sit there, in the dark, and say a simple prayer, thankful for a night of rest and asking for my God to speak to me through His word. I read my ESV Bible from the glow of my iPad.  ... more

Blair and Joe Gave Me A Gift

by Ray David Glenn

So many have emailed, texted and Facebooked me over the past 12 hours asking for the latest on Blair and Joe.  Now that the dust has settled there is nothing to really update.  In fact, it will be good news if there are no ‘updates’ on either Blair or Joe over the next week.  They will, Lord willing, both progress through their recovery steadily and incrementally.

No news is good news.

Rather than an update, I thought I’d share an insight I had yesterday.  Joe gave Blair a new liver and Blair gave Joe the opportunity to discover deep purpose ... more

Prayer for Blair and Joe

by Ray David Glenn

Friends, be in church this Sunday.

I have never asked you to be in church services. I am this week.

This Sunday will be unlike any other Sunday.

Hundreds have read Bryan’s blog and are otherwise familiar with Blair and Joe’s upcoming surgery.  If you haven’t, you can read it here.

At one level, Joe is giving part of his liver to Blair.  It is a surgical procedure that will cost Joe weeks (maybe months) of discomfort and recovery, while giving Blair relief from his years of suffering. Considered from this level, Joe is a modern-day hero.  He is sacrificing ... more

Successful Rezoning

by Ray David Glenn

The land at 4691 Palladium Way has been successfully rezoned for our use.

Burlington City Council approved the rezoning on September 4th, at which time we began an appeal period where citizens could appeal the rezoning.  That appeal period has closed.  There were no appeals.

We are thrilled to see the Lord’s provision.

This weekend we will observe National Thanksgiving.  St. George’s, we pause this week to thank:

1) Kelvin Loveless and the Building Committee for their tireless work

2) Phil Nanivati, our Real Estate Agent, for finding this land and for his advocacy in the process of rezoning

3) ... more

The Joy of Finishing Well

by Ray David Glenn

Matthew is a good runner; Olympic caliber, if you ask him.

He ran in the Regional Cross Country meet today and gave me a visual lesson.  I cleared one hour in the middle of the day to watch and cheer.  He lined up with over one hundred and fifty other 10 year-old boys.  The starter’s pistol sounded and he jumped out to the front of the pack, carrying a top ten into the woods.  I walked over to the finish line with the rest of the parents, anxiously watching and waiting for him to emerge form the forest.

The first ... more

Building Update – Rezoning

by Ray David Glenn

Burlington City Council met last night and voted to allow our application for rezoning.  This was a big day, in deed.  There is  now a 30 day period for appeal, however, we do not expect any opposition.  City councilors and staff have repeatedly assured us that ours was not a contentious rezoning.

Successful rezoning fulfills the final condition, allowing us to close on the land purchase.  The next step is site plan approval.  Continue to hold all of this project and the Building Committee in your prayers.  Pray for the mission field we are entering in Alton Village.  Pray that ... more

Nourish the Soul

by Ray David Glenn

Matthew began grade 5 today. After an entire summer of rising early to take on some adventure or other, my dear son chose to sleep in today.

I woke him up, made him an egg, hash brown and orange juice.  I then packed his lunch, complete with a few little treats.  The proper nourishment of his body is important.

I ran the shower and set out a new pair of shorts, a brand new, clean white shirt and shiny sneakers.  I combed his hair and insisted that he brush his teeth.  Caring for his appearance is vital.

We were about ... more

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