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Children of Promise

Speaker: Ray David Glenn | May 7, 2017

Your True Self

You are not defined by your genetics or your family of origin; your true self is as God sees you; beloved by Him, a new life in Christ; the slate wiped entirely clean. God sees you, and He knows you, and He loves you.

True Freedom

True freedom is to know that in Christ you are fully known and fully loved. This freedom removes the shame and impediments from your relationship with God and others. 

If you have ever tasted the freedom of God’s grace, then you will be gracious to others too. Earning makes you judgmental; grace makes you more gracious.  

Slave or Free

There are two ways of coming to God – like Ishmael or Isaac; earning or trusting; as a child of the slave or a child of the free. 

Am I a child of the free? If you are trusting in your own works, and merit, then no; but if your only trust is in the goodness and mercy of God in Jesus, then yes you are a child of the free. 

Because at the end of the day, it’s not what we’ve done for God, it’s what God’s done for us in Jesus. 

Watch as Ray David unpacks Genesis 21:1-21 and shows the Gospel in the life of Abraham.

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