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Posted: December 14, 2017

Dear St. George’s,

I have accepted appointment as Vice Principal of Ryle College.

Located in Ottawa, Ryle College is dedicated to training students for Christian service by providing them a solid curriculum involving scripture, doctrine, and practical theology, particularly emphasizing expository preaching for those called to proclamation of the word. Its mission is to equip unashamed workers for the Gospel and build strong local gospel churches one leader at a time.

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Training ministers who are confident in the scriptures and convinced of the gospel is one of the most important ways we can build our congregations and ensure the long-term effectiveness of our diocese’s mission to build biblically faithful, gospel-sharing churches across Canada.  I am thrilled to be a part of this vital work. 

Having said that … we are not leaving St George’s!

As you know, Monica and I are long-term committed to our church family and community.  We love you all.  Over my 13 years at St. G’s we have shared our time and resources with the broader church, helping to found our diocese, giving leadership to church planting efforts across Canada, working to develop the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and now this. 

Please pray for me in this new role.  Pray for Ryle College, for the students, faculty and administrators. Pray especially for a rising swell of gospel ministry across our nation and beyond. 

The gospel is growing and bearing fruit (Col. 1:6)!  I thank God for your faith in Christ Jesus and for your partnership in making known the word of truth.

With love,


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