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3 Colours Explained

3 Colours

“Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” Psalm 51:7

Have you ever felt like a failure? Like you can’t be the person you want to be? Like you can’t live up to the expectations. What if someone fulfilled your expectations for you? What if you don’t have to prove anything anymore? This isn’t just wishful thinking, there is an answer, and this answer is a person. This person gave himself for you. He lived a perfect life. He died a perfect death. He redeemed your life even before you were born. All you need to do is let him in. Let him save you. Let him free you. Let him change you. You may have heard this all before, but give it a chance, because if you do you will find true and abiding life like you’ve never experienced. The wordless book was a book developed by Charles Haddon Spurgeon in 1866 to simply explain the message of Jesus. It uses colours to represent the transformation of a life changed by Jesus. 3 Colours is based on this wordless book. Black represents our sin, the darkness of our own soul apart from God. Red represents the blood of Jesus shed for us, that covers over our sins and perfectly redeems us. White represents our new life in Jesus, pure and spotless, and filled with a peace that remains. You can experience this peace. It won’t mean that your life on earth will be a bed of roses, but it does mean that you will have an unshakable hope that will never fail you. To find out more about 3 Colours please contact us through the form below. We would love to send you more information.



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