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We believe that the Gospel – the Christian message – is the very best of news. And simply through hearing it and believing it we are changed forever, and merely through remembering it and believing it we grow. So as a church family we want to be growing more and more saturated and fluent in this amazing news, and how it transforms every part of life. The Bible calls the Gospel “the power of God for salvation” (Rom 1:16). We want to be a people fluent in that saving power.

So take a moment and, in your own words, write the central truths of the Gospel message in a sentence or two, and submit it in the form below. The ramifications of the Gospel are immense, but the central truths are quite simple. So don’t write a sermon – keep it short and simple. We are not going to grade the submissions – we aren’t even asking you to sign your name (unless you’d like to meet with a pastor). Instead, the intention is simply to encourage each of us to become more fluent in the gloriously good news of the Gospel.


Would you like to talk to a Pastor more about the Gospel?

*To talk to a pastor you will need to live in the Burlington, Ontario area.

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