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“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

IMG_9540cWelcome to our Sermons database. Each week we record our speakers who bring a message in our services. We then upload them here so those who may have missed it can listen or watch them and so we can share them with the world.

To listen or watch a message you can click on the “Listen” or “Watch” buttons to the right of the sermon. To go to a more detailed page about the sermon click the sermon title.

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Ray David Glenn | Apr 16, 2017 | Discuss
In God's story, we see a hero who dies for the villain, and in so doing, conquers death itself.

Good Friday

Len Finn | Apr 14, 2017 | Discuss
He is the God who won you on the cross, who has you now and always, and who will never let you go.

Who is this Jesus?

Ray David Glenn | Apr 9, 2017 | Discuss
We don't always get the saviour that we want, but we get the Saviour that we need.

Death in Adam, Life in Christ.

Ray David Glenn | Apr 2, 2017 | Discuss
God's promises to us in baptism are a new life, a new nature, and a new family.

Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

Ray David Glenn | Mar 26, 2017 | Discuss
God uses 4 impossible births to fulfill His promise to Abraham to bless the nations.

Walking Before God

Len Finn | Mar 19, 2017 | Discuss
Your confidence before the face of God lies in the risen body of your Saviour.

Trusting the God Who is With Us

Ray David Glenn | Mar 12, 2017 | Discuss
Not Ishmael, but Emmanuel. He's not just the God who sees us, but the God who comes to us.

How Am I To Know?

Len Finn | Mar 5, 2017 | Discuss
You can know that God's promises are true because His promises are one-sided guarantees.

God’s Grace is for You

Bryan Hunt | Feb 26, 2017 | Discuss
God is the King who gives and doesn't take.

Promise, Not Sight

Len Finn | Feb 19, 2017 | Discuss
God's love for you is always bigger than any sin or shame you could possibly bring.
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